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5 Do’s and Don’ts of Split Testing

  If you've decided to run a split test to optimize the performance of your page, you want to make sure you do so correctly. The best practices will help you achieve your desired results, while common mistakes can keep you from increasing your coversions 1. Don't rush your tests Oftentimes, people wonder how long an appropriate time is to run a split test. Approximately… Continue Reading


A Guide to a Faster WordPress Site

Maintaining a fast site is an important element of SEO and can also play a huge role in your conversion rates. A quicker website means a better user experience, and a better user experience can lead to more conversions. Luckily, making just a few adjustments can help optimize your website's speed and can get you on track for more traffic. Remember that when it comes… Continue Reading


Tips for Improving Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email continues to be an ever-important form of communication, even in a world dominated by instant messaging and social media. Still, there’s more to email marketing than simply hitting send. Start with your goals Before you can even draft your email, you need to make sure you have a solid understanding of what your goals for your email marketing campaign are going to be. This… Continue Reading

Dekafy Blog - Bounce Rate

6 Tips to Reducing Your Bounce Rate

After investing time and effort into your website or blog post, seeing a high bounce rate can be disheartening. Unless you’re just looking to increase your page views, having people click on your page only to leave after a few seconds isn’t benefiting you in any way. With so many people surfing the web, having some bouncers may be inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you… Continue Reading