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Tips for Creating More Meaningful Customer Conversations through Social Media

While social media is a great tool for branding and making announcements, it has also become an ever-important platform for businesses to communicate and build relationships with their customers. To keep these conversations meaningful, practice the following 6 tips: 1. Show that you genuinely care. Whether a customer expresses support or a complaint, let them know that their voice is being heard. You want to… Continue Reading


Keeping a Uniform Online Presence for Mobile Users

While the number of customers on mobile is increasing steadily, marketers need to keep in mind that mobile users are completing their purchases in different ways. That is, the buyer's journey for each mobile user is unique. The mobile marketing landscape is a vast one and includes many channels through which you can reach your audience. It also opens the door to a multitude of… Continue Reading


Maximizing Content Marketing Efforts When You Have a Small Team

When you have a small team or limited resources, it can be difficult to consistently create and put out quality content. It, however, is not impossible. If you are trying to put out more content while using fewer resources and less money, try implementing these two steps: 1. Curate content. Content curation allows you to share relevant content written by others with your own audience.… Continue Reading


Link-Building: Increasing Your Number of External Links

While you have control over the internal links of your website, you might be wondering how to increase the number of external links that point back to your page and help your search engine optimization efforts. There are a few ways to get started building these: 1. Submit your page to web directories Although there are plenty of sites promising to submit your link to… Continue Reading