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Dekafy Blog - AB Testing

Intuition v. A/B Testing

The success of your landing page, form, or email marketing campaign is going to be determined by your audience’s interaction with it. While you might have an exceptional understanding of your user base, it might be difficult to determine, at first glance, whether each element of your page is optimized. At the same time, solely adhering to industry “best practice” guidelines may not always be… Continue Reading

Dekafy Blog - Mobile Strategy Medium

Copywriting: A Necessary Tool in Your Mobile Strategy

An increase in mobile web usage caused a hyper-focus on web design responsiveness. This undoubtedly improved user experience for those preferring the convenience of their mobile devices. However, as a responsive design for tablet and mobile platforms becomes the standard, it begs the question, “Can we do more to improve our mobile strategy?” The answer is that there is always room for improvement, and in… Continue Reading

Dekafy Blog - Mobile Optimization

When Creating Email Campaigns, Think Mobile

  Email can be an effective marketing tool, especially when you use it to send out easy to read, well-though-out messages to a targeted audience. And although you may have created a lot of email campaigns that look terrific and are easy to read on laptops or desktops, you might want to consider how your messages look on mobile screens. When you’re looking for ways… Continue Reading


Create Super Marketing Campaigns that Deliver Results

You may be finding that your marketing campaigns are not hitting the targets that you hope they would. If you aren’t getting the click-through or conversion rate that you’re after, maybe it’s time to try a fresh approach. Try these marketing strategies on for size and see if they don’t help you get your message out to more prospects: The Non-Virtual World As a marketer,… Continue Reading