Dekafy is a performance-based marketing network that bridges relationships between businesses and consumers through effective advertising solutions. We deliver the best customer experience through trusted partnerships.

This is Dekafy. In all, for all.

  • Loyalty

    Here at Dekafy, we’re resolute in creating lasting partnerships, and we’re available around the clock to ensure your success

  • Dependability

    Whether you’re an Advertiser or Publisher, you’ll have a dedicated Account Manager to provide optimal levels of customer service

  • Consistency

    We believe good business relations depend on reliability, so meeting mutual expectations is customary

  • Efficiency

    Our business is only as good as our conversion rates, that’s why we ensure that we make the most of our partners’ time and resources


Make every click count.

Our team has created an efficient
platform and easy-to-use tools that lets you
increase your ROI from the traffic that you’re
already generating.


Work smarter, not harder.

Rather than investing time and energy into
your own marketing efforts, taking shots in the
dark about what will work, and what won’t,
have Dekafy bring clients directly to you.

Our Features

  • Lucrative Verticals

    We are working with the most lucrative verticals that allow our partners to maximize their ROI.

  • Exclusive Offers

    Promote our exclusive offers in a wide range of niches with consistent results.

  • Dedicated Manager

    Our Account Managers are focused on your needs to ensure your long-term success.

  • Realtime Reporting

    Our reporting provides in-depth analytics and allows to track results in real-time.

  • Regular Contests

    Participate in our regular contests to win special prizes/bonuses.

  • Compliance Guide

    Access a comprehensive compliance guide to stay up-to-date with marketing standards.

  • Subaccount Tracking

    Create unique subaccounts to track the effectiveness and optimize your campaigns.

  • Pay-Per-Call

    We provide our affiliates with unique phone numbers to promote Pay-Per-Call offers.

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