About Us


Dekafy is a performance-based marketing network that bridges relationships between businesses and consumers through effective advertising solutions. We deliver the best customer experience through trusted partnerships.

This is Dekafy. In all, for all.

The Dekafy Difference

One day, modern marketing and cutting edge technology merged, and Dekafy was born. Dekafy lives to make work easier for our Advertisers and Publishers by connecting consumers with businesses. The idea came to us like a bolt of lightning.

What if we could help Publishers find businesses to send their traffic to so they could spend their time generating traffic without worrying about the details? And what if we found customers for Advertisers so they concentrate solely on providing excellent products and services? And so, the company was born. Since that day, we have taken the burden off the backs of our Publishers and Advertisers. We do the heavy lifting for them, freeing them up to earn even more revenue.

Because that’s what we do. Our mission is to help you make more money.