A Twist on the Expected

Traditional marketing had its time, but internet marketing has since taken its place. We’ve reinvented marketing by breaking it down to a science. We get you results; you just call them customers.

  • Easy to Start

    Our Account Managers will guide you through the entire process and help you set up your marketing campaigns

  • Pay For Performance

    You only pay for a specified action which allows your business to reduce risks and achieve high long-term ROI

  • Track Results

    Using our detailed reporting allows you to track daily performance and optimize your advertising campaigns

  • Scale Smarter

    With our knowledge of technology and internet marketing we help your business grow and reach new heights

But we don’t just send you any customers. You specify your customer demographic, ranging from age, location, income, etc. and we connect you with ideal customers. Simple as that.

You’re free to run your business and provide the best products and services to clients instead of spending your valued time looking for new prospects.

Dekafy helps you minimize your work and maximize your profits.

How It Works

  • Tell us what you want

    You let us know the type of customers you’re looking for, and get as specific as you want

  • Choose how much you want to spend

    Every company has a different marketing budget, so you
    determine how much you want to pay for each new lead

  • Tell us how you want to connect to your leads

    Want us to get your new customer on the phone and then transfer them to you? No sweat! How about an email with a prospect’s information? No problem! Anything you want, you got it.

  • Close the lead

    You get in touch with your lead and convert them into a customer. Easy as that

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