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Utilizing Newsletters in Content Marketing

While the popularity of social media caused some to question the future relevance of email, email continues to be a strong tool in content marketing efforts. While different social media networks control who organically sees your company's updates, email provides a direct line of marketing between you and individuals who have opted in to receive your newsletters. This control makes it increasingly important for you… Continue Reading

5 Ways to Get Your Blog Content Noticed

In order to have your blog posts help you achieve your business goals, you may need to invest more of your time and effort into promoting your content. To do that, here are 5 steps you can take to attract more attention to your blog. 1. Turn to your email list. Your list should be made up of individuals who are already interested in your… Continue Reading

5 Ways to Improve Your Email Open Rate

Oftentimes the open rate of your email campaign is a major indicator of your campaign's success. A good open rate varies from industry to industry, but analyzing your current results will help you determine how you can grow your rate. After setting a percentage goal, try implementing the following tips to reach it: 1. Have a target audience. When it comes to building an email… Continue Reading

5 Important Benefits of Content Marketing

If you're currently avoiding investing into content marketing efforts, it may be because you're doubtful of its long-term benefits. However, the current digital marketing landscape makes an optimized content marketing campaign a necessity. The following are 5 important benefits of content marketing: 1. Raising Brand Awareness When it comes to content marketing, raising brand awareness is one of the most common objectives businesses and brands… Continue Reading