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5 Important Benefits of Content Marketing

If you're currently avoiding investing into content marketing efforts, it may be because you're doubtful of its long-term benefits. However, the current digital marketing landscape makes an optimized content marketing campaign a necessity. The following are 5 important benefits of content marketing: 1. Raising Brand Awareness When it comes to content marketing, raising brand awareness is one of the most common objectives businesses and brands… Continue Reading

A Guide to Increasing Your Twitter Impressions

In 140 characters or less, your brand or company has the opportunity to build a lasting relationship with its audience through Twitter. Saying everything you need to in such a limited space can be tricky, but navigating Twitter properly brings valuable results. To maximize your reach, try practicing the following tips: 1. Keep a conversational tone.  While pictures do help increase engagement, what is written is… Continue Reading

16 Tips to Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaign

If your business is looking to attract, maintain, and grow its customer base, an optimized email marketing campaign is essential. Ensure that your emails are being opened and acted on with the following tips: 1. Make sure your list is made up of voluntary subscribers. 2. Offer users something of value, like a free ebook or webinar, upon subscribing to your email list. 3. Have… Continue Reading

7 Content Marketing Strategies to Improve Audience Engagement

When it comes to content marketing, engagement is everything. You want your readers to be commenting on and sharing your posts as much as possible, because the more feedback you get, the better understanding you have of your brand's significance to its readership. Creating great content is no small feat in and of itself, but creating content that inspires engagement takes even more work. If… Continue Reading