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5 Tips for Writing Blog Titles That Get Clicks

While it’s the content of your blog post that is going to get readers to stay, a title will determine if it gets read or not. To help increase the number of clicks your blog posts are getting, try implementing the following tips:

1. Use numbers

Listicles continue to be widely written, read, and shared. In an online world, where readers love to skim, listicles provide a way to consume content quickly.

2. Include one word in all caps

This tip should definitely not be overused, but it is eye-catching and can create a sense of urgency around your title. Remember to use this tips sparingly though.

3. Write about topics that interest you

If your title isn’t interesting to you, it’s probably not going to be interesting to others. When coming up with titles, think about what would entice you to click on an article.

4. Include a statistic

Including a statistic in your title makes the content seem more credible. Your audience gets a better idea of the type of content to expect, and if the statistic is compelling enough, expect to get more clicks.

5. Create a list of options

Picking the right title is somewhat of an art. You can’t expect your first option to be the right one every time. Create a list and take some time to carefully consider which is best.