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5 Ways to Get Your Blog Content Noticed

In order to have your blog posts help you achieve your business goals, you may need to invest more of your time and effort into promoting your content. To do that, here are 5 steps you can take to attract more attention to your blog.

1. Turn to your email list.

Your list should be made up of individuals who are already interested in your brand and signed up because they want information or updates about it. You’ll reach a much more targeted audience by contacting your email list than using social media, so if you’re looking to promote a particular post, include a link in your brand’s next email.

Remember, however, to keep your audience in mind when sending out emails about your blog. Too many mass emails can lead to unsubscriptions.

2. Utilize social advertising.

While your social reach may not be as targeted as your email reach, social email advertising is a great way to attract a larger audience. If you have a good understanding of your current audience, you can Facebook Ads, for instance, to target similar individuals based on various demographics and interests.

3. Engage with others online.

Whether it’s social media groups or forums, be active in online communities. Relevant groups will find your content useful and could help promote it to a wider audience. You can also reach out via social media to influencers in your field.

4. Write guest posts.

By blogging or guest posting on other websites, you’ll be able to attract readers from new pages. You can include a link back to your page on your guest post, driving new audience members to your site.

5. Email thought leaders.

Engaging with influencers via social media is important, but email is another great way to build a relationship with them. Establishing this relationship could help you in your linkbuilding efforts and overall exposure to your content.