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5 Ways to Improve Your Email Open Rate

Oftentimes the open rate of your email campaign is a major indicator of your campaign’s success. A good open rate varies from industry to industry, but analyzing your current results will help you determine how you can grow your rate. After setting a percentage goal, try implementing the following tips to reach it:

1. Have a target audience.

When it comes to building an email list, you may think the bigger the list the better, but when it comes to individual email campaigns, you want to make sure you’re sending information to an audience that will find it valuable. If the information is relevant to your audience, the email is more likely to be opened. Consider segmenting your lists so that your campaign reaches those who will find it most useful.

2. Focus on the subject line.

The key to creating a optimized subject line is A/B testing. The subject line is extremely important because it’s the very first thing your audience sees, and your open rate often depends on its content. Keep testing until you figure out what does and doesn’t work for your particular audience.

3. Make your pre-header text interesting.

After reading your subject line, your customer will likely scan the light grey text right next to it. This is called the pre-header text, and to further convince your customers that your email is worth reading, make sure you’ve taken the time to make it interesting.

4. Consider whether your message looks like spam.

It’s no question that email marketing is highly effective, but customers can also be wary of of opening emails in order to avoid viruses. If your email looks like it could be spam, your customer may avoid opening it. While “Free offer!” may be eye-catching, it could also trigger spam filters.

5. Optimize your layouts for mobile.

While the average open rate depends on your industry and your audience, it’s important to remember that more and more emails are being opened on a mobile device. Keep your customers engaged by making sure that your emails are mobile optimized and readable.