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7 Questions Your Content Marketing Team Should Ask before Producing Content

Content marketing can be a highly effective way to acquire an audience, establish thought leadership, and share your brand’s story online. To make sure, however, that your content marketing team is making the most of its efforts, ask yourselves the following 7 questions:

1. Does your content promote engagement from readers?

Your content should encourage engagement from readers. Opinions on best forms of engagement vary, but having your audience react to your content shows interest and helps further the relationship between your readers and your brand.

2. Is your content relevant?

Based on your interactions between your brand and its customers, determine what type of content is truly relevant to your audience and create what you have determined to be most useful.

3. Does it tell a continuous story?

Whether it be images, words, or videos, all of the content you create should be a part of a unified effort to tell your brand’s story online. Your team should determine whether or not each piece is helpful in telling this continuous story.

4. Is it platform-appropriate?

It’s important to tailor each piece of content to each platform on which you’ll be sharing it. Get to know each platform well and determine how you can optimize your presence on each one. For instance, Instagram and Facebook allow for more character usage than Twitter does, so you can use the extra space on those platforms to create longer captions if you find that to be more useful.

5. Have you defined a clear purpose?

It is unlikely that everything you post online will serve the same purpose, but it is important that each post does have a purpose. Perhaps you’re trying to generate leads, or maybe you are attempting to become a thought leader on a certain topic. Define this purpose before creating content.

6. What is the end-goal for this piece of content?

If you don’t have have an end-goal in mind, you won’t be able to determine the success of your marketing campaign. Set this goal and analyze your campaign’s performance against it. You can then determine which improvements need to be made in order to meet future goals.

7. Can it be reused?

While you may want to comment on trends from time to time, having reusable content you can refer your readers back to time and time again should be a priority because it will help establish authority on certain topics.