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Create Super Marketing Campaigns that Deliver Results

You may be finding that your marketing campaigns are not hitting the targets that you hope they would. If you aren’t getting the click-through or conversion rate that you’re after, maybe it’s time to try a fresh approach.

Try these marketing strategies on for size and see if they don’t help you get your message out to more prospects:

The Non-Virtual World

As a marketer, you’re probably focusing mostly, if not entirely, on digital campaigns. Perhaps meeting prospects offline is a tactic that you haven’t tried lately, but you might find surprisingly effective helping you gain more online followers. Online sites such as Facebook and Meetup can be effective tools that will allow you to get together with people who share a common interest. You can set up informal meetings, discussions and networking events that are focused on a specific topic or include people from a specific region, for instance. In addition, you can also have qualified speakers give talks that will help attract more people who are interested in a given topic.

Create a Twitter Storm

One way to enhance your campaign and draw attention to your offerings is by giving away something that prospects will be interested in, such as an eBook or a whitepaper. You might require that prospect leave contact information, such as their email address, in order to download the material you’re giving away. Another tactic is to require that each prospect send out an affirmation to your firm via a tweet before receiving the free goods.

Post on High-Profile Site

You probably want access to as broad a range of readers as you can possibly reach, and you can reach large numbers of people on sites such as Reddit, which is said to receive 71 billion page views per year. Anyone can post on Reddit, but gaining credibility with the wide array of online forums the site hosts is another matter. It takes to establish trust and earn the respect of other online participants. You’ve got to offer comments in forums and vote articles up and down, while posting content that others who share your interests will find valuable.

One big mistake that newbies make when they’re on this and other sites like is to present themselves as pushy marketers trying to sell something. You’ll likely find that Reddit denizens have little patience for anyone making promotional appeals that are thinly disguised as useful information. You’ll likely find that others will quickly begin to ignore you if you aren’t bringing anything to the table that’s humorous or interesting and free of marketing ploys. When you become more firmly established on the site you can begin to ask for feedback on your firm, and perhaps even do some market research.

Using LinkedIn

You can develop a regular following if you establish and moderate a LinkedIn group that is related to your industry or a related topic. The best way to attract a following is by initiating good discussions and posting informative articles and other materials. You can allow others to promote their own businesses, and occasionally you might ask for feedback about your firm and your offerings. You might want to send out promotions that are relevant to the group, too.

Go With the Flow

If you’re looking to make a quick start with a networking group, you might not want to have to build your own, brick by brick. Instead, you can become a part of an already established group, many of which have large numbers of followers. All you have to do is log in and join in on the discussion. You’ll want to avoid obvious self-promotions when you participate in this and any other forum, unless of course you are invited to do so. When you become better acquainted with members of the group you might want to ask others if they’d be interested in establishing an alliance and working together with you.

On the Tube

Video is among the most popular content on the Internet, so it stands to reason that if you want to reach a broader audience you should be thinking about creating your own clips to post on YouTube and other hosting sites. You can produce short videos that promote your business by addressing topics that your followers are interested in. If you’re selling gardening supplies you might want to post a video showing how to raise better hydrangeas. Or you could offer some time-saving tips and hacks for the home and office. Remember to make your video content easy to understand and useful to your audience.