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A Guide to a Faster WordPress Site

Maintaining a fast site is an important element of SEO and can also play a huge role in your conversion rates. A quicker website means a better user experience, and a better user experience can lead to more conversions. Luckily, making just a few adjustments can help optimize your website’s speed and can get you on track for more traffic.

Remember that when it comes to surfing the web, users are impatient. If your loading time is subpar, there’s a high risk for page abandonment. While it seems as though for now mobile users tolerate a longer load time than desktop users, the increase in mobile use and mobile optimization will perhaps change that very quickly. That is to say, speed on every platform is becoming increasingly important.

Site Analysis

You can start by running your site on gtmetrix.com to see how it’s currently performing. This will help you find out what your current page load time is so that you can track how your changes affect its performance.

Hosting Service

Having a fast host is one of the most important things to making sure your WordPress site runs optimally. You’ll definitely want to invest in quality hosting rather than go with a hosting service that’s more cost-effective but not as quick.


Install a cache plugin. This simple step can help you take seconds off your page load time and keep users from leaving your page because of a lag.  You should also go through and delete any plugins you’re not using.


Another thing you can do to speed up your site is optimize your photos, which will decrease download times. To accomplish this, you can select “Save for Web” in Photoshop when saving your images. You can also use a plugin to optimize your images in bulk.


Go through the themes you’ve installed and make sure to delete any that you’re no longer using.

Hopefully once you complete these steps you’ll notice a speedier load time on your WordPress site. As you continue to add content or change your site, make sure to follow these practices continuously.

Featured Image: Billion Photos/Shutterstock