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Keeping a Uniform Online Presence for Mobile Users

While the number of customers on mobile is increasing steadily, marketers need to keep in mind that mobile users are completing their purchases in different ways. That is, the buyer’s journey for each mobile user is unique.

The mobile marketing landscape is a vast one and includes many channels through which you can reach your audience. It also opens the door to a multitude of capabilities for connecting with customers and enhancing their relationship with your brand. Keep in mind, however, that each user’s familiarity with mobile capabilities is going to be different.

You want to be aware of their journey through each step of the purchase funnel. Think of how they are most likely to become aware of your product or service. Research how they are voicing their opinion about it and what platform they are making their purchases on. Are they likely to recommend your product or service to a friend? With a variety of devices and customer journeys, it can be difficult to predict how each mobile user’s customer journey will unfold and makes it essential to establish a vast mobile web presence.

Your mobile web presence includes every destination on the internet where people can go to learn more about your business. The starting point is often your own website or landing page, but it also includes your search engine optimization efforts, various marketing campaigns, and your social media channels.

While each branch of your mobile web presence can serve its own unique purpose, your presence as a whole should deliver a uniform experience. Whether you’re writing a blog post, sending out a mass email, or tweeting, staying on brand and keeping a consistent voice is important.

When you keep your mobile audience’s unique customer journey in mind and create a uniform online presence for them, you help build familiarity and trust between your customers and your brand.