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Link-Building: Increasing Your Number of External Links

While you have control over the internal links of your website, you might be wondering how to increase the number of external links that point back to your page and help your search engine optimization efforts. There are a few ways to get started building these:

1. Submit your page to web directories

Although there are plenty of sites promising to submit your link to dozens of search engines for a small price, be sure to be selective when submitting your site to a directory. Take care to only work with trusted websites.

2. Create shareable content

If shareable content is continuously posted on your website’s blog, your audience is going to want to share it. Don’t underestimate the reach of quality content, and invest the time in creating posts that will benefit your audience.

3. Do some networking

It doesn’t hurt to reach out to peers or blogs with similar audiences and share content you’ve created that you think might be relevant to their audience as well. Their site or blog would benefit from new information, and your site will benefit from an additional link.

4. Get social

Include social media share buttons that allow users to easily share content from your site. Links from social media platforms indicate to search engines that content is engaging and interesting.

Keep these tips in mind and remember that link building should be an on-going effort that helps you gain more and more links over time.