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Tips for a Better Email Sign-Up Process

Because an email sign-up is oftentimes one of the first few steps in a customer’s relationship with a business, you want to make sure that you optimize the process. The following are a few tips for creating a solid sign-up process for your brand


It’s critical for your customers to feel secure when signing up for your email list, and a secure form is mutually beneficial. Forms that are abused can make customers susceptible to spam and malware and get your company blacklisted, so security is important for both parties. CAPTCHA and Honeypot fields are two options that can help trap malicious bots.

Pre-checked boxes

Avoid using pre-checked boxes when it comes to email sign-ups. In order to avoid spam complaints, it’s best that the subscribers on your email list have opted to subscribe on their own terms. If a customer is surprised that they have opted in to receive emails, it could hurt your brand’s reputation, so avoid using pre-checked boxes to add subscribers to your email list.


Once a subscriber has opted in for an email program, send an automated confirmation email. This ensures that your list is made up only of people who truly want to be on your list.


Lastly, keep things simple. A sign-up that is too complicated can dissuade users from completing the process. Ask for only the information you really need to keep your email offers meaningful to your customers.