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Utilizing Newsletters in Content Marketing

While the popularity of social media caused some to question the future relevance of email, email continues to be a strong tool in content marketing efforts. While different social media networks control who organically sees your company’s updates, email provides a direct line of marketing between you and individuals who have opted in to receive your newsletters.

This control makes it increasingly important for you to continuously look for opportunities to encourage new people to sign up for your newsletter, and there are various ways to make that happen. You could include a sign-up box on your website or include a CTA at the end of your blog posts. You can ask current subscribers to share your newsletter with their networks. It’s important, however, to build a list made up solely of people who choose to opt in.

There are various ways to customize the look and feel of your newsletter. Keep your branding consistent so that your users recognize who you are as soon as they open their email. No matter what look you choose to go for, you should include links back to your website and social media outlets. It’s also key to keep in mind that your newsletter will be viewed on a number of different devices; it should look as intended on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

With your subscribers’ varying time zones, it’s hard to pinpoint the perfect time to send out your email. A/B test different times, and then stick to a consistent schedule.

Remember that a successful email list includes only those users who have signed up themselves. This type of list takes time to build, but as long as you’re continuously producing valuable content and promoting your newsletter, you can expect to gradually build a useful database.