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When Creating Email Campaigns, Think Mobile


Email can be an effective marketing tool, especially when you use it to send out easy to read, well-though-out messages to a targeted audience. And although you may have created a lot of email campaigns that look terrific and are easy to read on laptops or desktops, you might want to consider how your messages look on mobile screens.

When you’re looking for ways to make your messages a great fit on mobile, you’ll probably want to consider features such as buttons and links. Make sure when your message is displayed on a compact screen that readers can easily see it.

Mobile on the Rise

If you’re still unsure that mobile devices are an important factor in marketing, consider a recent Adestra study that says 52% of all email clients today are on mobile devices.

Incidentally, if you’re also wondering whether email campaigns are a dusty remnant of the past and not worth your time, a report notes that email brings the highest ROI of any other communication channel – for every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI.

Subject Lines

If you’re used to writing subject lines that run the entire 40 to 50 character limit, you’re going to have to pare down your words for mobile. Typically, email on mobile devices allows between 25 and 30 characters on the subject line. If you go over those limits your mobile readers will lose some of the message you’ve written in that all-important space.

No Scrolling

We’ve all read emails on our smartphones that make you scroll up and down or left to right to see the whole message, and it’s irritating. That can happen when the sender uses a standard email template – a width of around 600 pixels – that fits laptops and desktops, but is much too large for mobile. Think about the mobile user’s experience and optimize your messages accordingly.

Too Many Pictures

Pictures and graphics can enliven an otherwise gray and boring email message, but that doesn’t mean you should shoehorn a bunch of images into a single message. For one thing, if your message is loaded with pictures, it’s liable to be labeled spam. If you must send a number of images be sure to include a couple of lines of text for each one to protect it from spam filters.

Don’t Forget Sharing

You’re probably aware that you should include both a call to action and an offer in your messages. It’s also important that you make it easy for readers to share your messages with others. Put a social media button in your messages and your audience will probably reward you by posting your information on Twitter, Facebook, and other similar platforms.

Don’t Forget the Landing Page

Your emails are optimized for mobile screens so they’re attractive and easy to read on tablets and smartphones, but don’t forget to optimize your landing page too. Use the same guidelines you employed to optimize your email messages. Your mobile readers will certainly appreciate it.